Aussie Evangelical Anglican Preaching Online

There are many online sources of great preaching, however it might be easy to overlook Aussie Anglican Evangelicals.

Apart from local church websites, there is a wealth of great material from two of our theological colleges:

Ridley Melbourne Mission and Ministry College: Sermons and Seminars (and also recent chapel sermons)

Moore Theological College: Audio Sermons and Talks (spans three decades of material!)

Don’t forget to pray regularly for the preaching ministry of your own minister – maybe give them a copy of a new Australian book on preaching?



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Senior Pastor Berwick Anglican Church, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne
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2 Responses to Aussie Evangelical Anglican Preaching Online

  1. Joshua Bovis Joshua Bovis says:

    Hello Wayne,
    Thankyou for this. Although not an Anglican college as such, there is also some helpful material from SMBC.

    in Christ

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  2. WayneSchuller WayneSchuller says:

    Thanks Joshua, I hadn’t seen the SMBC preaching resources.

    Somehow your post also has a very big photo of yourself – maybe some of the EFAC tech guys know how to fix!? 🙂

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